WeChat eCommerce

Combining a whole range of social features with the ability to buy almost anything from within the app, WeChat has been experienced rapid growth in eCommerce arena.

Chinese consumers are willing to pay for services and content on their mobile. Besides popular WeChat Store function WeChat has incorporating payment options, allowing users to buy items directly from WeChat official accounts with just one simple click. The integration of online payment processing and a platform delivering brands opportunities to interact and engage their consumer base, is revolutionizing consumer experience and lead a major boom to brands across the world.

WeChat Wallet allows users to transfer money into and out of its "Wallet" through any UnionPay bank card. Using the money inside of their "Wallet", users can purchase group discounts for activities (similar to Groupon), pay for taxis, rate, review, and book restauraunts (similar to Yelp), send lucky money to friends, book flights and train tickets, split restaurant bills and other checks (similar to Venmo), pay their utility and credit card bills, and top up their mobile phone account.

WeChat Store

Given the convenient payment options, a merchant can open a WeChat Store on the platform. Items can be loaded into the store providing extremely easy access to your customers. With "1 finger touch" checkout, orders and payments are processed just like that by Amazon.