Build Quality & Attractive Contents to Deliver Your Messages

A WeChat Official Account is a great way for a company to generate brand awareness. Creative content of high quality is necessary to attract audiences. Given the WeChat official account, a brand can:

  • give your customers new and easy ways to follow your offering of products and services.
  • post media content like text, photos, videos and audio messages to their WeChat official account followers.
  • allow customers to follow the WeChat brand official accounts either by scanning a unique QR Code or by getting someone within their WeChat network of people to share the account.
  • open dialogues with your customers to get their feedback and make all your marketing activities consistant, relevant and exciting.
Build WeChat Mini Site

WeChat Mini Site is, in fact, your company's website that fits just into WeChat screen. It put all the content you desire right in the palm of your customers and interact with them like never before. Our professionals help businesses design and publish WeChat mini sites, building up brand awareness in the entire WeChat Groups and Friends' Circles.

Interact with your followers

Instantaneous nature of mobile communications is a unique and exciting concept that give easy and convenient brands access to customers. WeChat extends this advantage to all users with even more features.

Brodcast to followers

The WeChat Official Account allows a business broadcasts message like twitter. These notifications are delivered directly to a user's mobile devices through WeChat. We provide WeChat account management services that will help company design the WeChat broadcast message.

Welcome Message

Welcome Message
All new followers get welcome messages once follow a brand's account. A nice a nice welcome message can be designed and set up for your targeted customers.

Auto Reply

Message Auto-Reply
Reply the users with pre-set messages when they send message to brand's account. It is a really neat feature for applications such as Q & A, customer service, etc.

Keyword Auto-Reply
Brands can set auto-reply messages for keywords, e.g. if a brand set up an auto-reply message for the word “A”. When a user sends “A” to its official account, the user will get the corresponding auto-reply message. Brands can use "Keyword Auto-Reply" for menus, special activities, user survey, or customer service, service requests, etc.

WeChat Membership

By converting followers into members, the function helps create loyalty programs wherein individuals can take advantage of their unique geo-localized membership cards to enjoy discounted products and service via their phone numbers or WeChat ID. This makes it possible for the brands to customize their marketing contents, thus greatly enhancing sales promotions to specific groups of consumers.