WeChat Official Account - Service Account

Types of Official Accounts

WeChat official accounts including service account, subscription account and corporate account can broadcast information to its followers. The followers can discuss and leave the message in the broadcast message and repost in their own WeChat sharing section (WeChat moment).

What is WeChat Service Account?

WeChat service account is best of all for business and organization who want to access to advanced WeChat Official Account feature. Service account provides more APIs than subscription account and companies can build its own application, get inquiries and broadcast own promotion to followers. WeChat service account allow the account manager broadcast one message per Week.

The Benefits of WeChat Service Account

  • Broadcast 4 messages per month
  • Display messages in line with the user’s personal contact.
  • Push notification to your followers
  • Reply to user messages
  • Customizable footer menus
  • 9 advanced API for your integrated applications
  • WeChat Payment Option

The design of the service account is using for providing higher degree of functionality to your users through customized menu or offer integrated ecommerce inside the app, service account should be the one to consider.