Statistics about WeChat
- Release Date
January of 2011
- Number of Registered Accounts
11 Billion (by 1/22/2015)
- Number of Users
600 Million (by 8/12/2015)
- Top Country for WeChat Usage
- Number of Users outside China
200 Million
- Percentage of internet users in China that use WeChat
95% (8/22/2015)
- Average time Chinese adults spend on WeChat daily
40 minutes
- Percentage of users open Wechat over 10 times a day
55.2% (by 1/27/2015)
- Percentage of WeChat revenue in 2014 from mobile and sales
- USD Amount that WeChat users consumed in 2014
15.3 billion
- Percentage of WeChat users that have 50 or more contacts
- First major company to implement e-commerce on WeChat

Unlashing the Power of WeChat

U.S. - made products and services are always in high demand on not only domestic market but also global market

In recent years, foreign buyers, especially those from China have been buying U.S. made goods and services worth billions of dollars, ranging from daily consumer products, luxury goods, and real estate properties to entertainment and educational services. Their demand is, in fact, much higher.

But, how do U.S. businesses reach them and advertise to meet such high demand?

WeChat is now the primary source used by Chinese consumers to follow and interact with their favorite products and services even when traveling to U.S.

Unlike U.S. consumers, Chinese consumers rely more on smart phones or tablets for product information. WeChat is a mobile social application like Whatsapp and Line. However, it offers a far broader range of features and tools. Alongside text, video, and voice messages, users can make mobile payments, browse ecommerce stores and ship, play games, or book a taxi. With so many users embracing the social media, WeChat is quickly becoming a very effective market channel. Tens of thousands of businesses in China are starting to utilize it for marketing their products and service.

Our Service

In. U.S. few businesses know WeChat and its marketing power. Our professional service would help connect you with International consumers or buyers for your products and service.