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570,000,000 users  log in every day

280,000,000 minutes  they spend on talk each day

What is WeChat?

WeChat is a mobile social application like Whatsapp and Line. However, it offers a far broader range of features and tools. Alongside text, video, and voice messages, users can make mobile payments, browse ecommerce stores and ship, play games, or book a taxi.

WeChat, one of the most massively used mobile phone apps, is ever-growing. With over 500 million users around the world, the marketing opportunities brought by WeChat social channel is immense!

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WeChat Marketing

This unique, cross-device WeChat social media platform brings together rich information and instant messaging with customized function menu to satisfy all individual needs. WeChat's official page boasts strategic and eye-catching advertising where your products or service will be placed in the spotlight.

More companies are now developing distinctive profile on WeChat to enhance brand exposure, pursuing the unmatched marketing opportunities. Jump on the bandwagon! Our exceptional service will help your business get more customers in the door. Minimize your cost and generate maximum return!

Some known brands on WeChat

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Successful Case Study of WeChat Marketing

Just how successful can you be by marketing on WeChat correctly? Consider a campaign launched by Starbucks. When it comes to tapping into the social media scene in China, Starbucks knows how to do it and do it well. One of the most successful campaigns launched by the coffee titan, Starbucks Songs for your Mood, asked customers to share their mood by sending one of the site's more than two dozen emoticons to the brand's WeChat account. The user would then receive a song to reflect his or her current mood. Within just a few months, some 130,000 members had taken Starbucks up on its offer. In exchange, Starbucks increased both awareness and sales of its new product, a fruity iced drink.